October 25, 2021, 10:39 am
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No Lockdowns, Please!

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Lockdowns invariably stifle our lives. Of course, only in exceptional cases, the lockdown may be imposed — as a “necessary evil”. So, we had better explore other available options to fight the Covid-19 before clamping the complete lockdown­. To our great relief, even the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has now echoed similar opinions, he is quite regretful of last year’s blanket lockdowns.


No wonder, the continuous lockdowns last year left millions of households in the most wretched conditions. Innumerable poor people died/ suffered not because of COVID but for various other reasons including starvation. Sadly there is no end to their woes and traumas till the date. The massive loss of employments had badly hit the millions of citizens. Was it not a kind of a nightmare to have to undertake the strenuous journey on foot from metro cities to their homes in other states? Some even traveled the distance of 1500 Kms without food. Each poverty-stricken migrant worker has his/her own tragic story of tremendous sufferings which we people living in luxury can’t ever be able to imagine.

Frankly speaking, when such an uncontrollable and sudden exodus comes about in major cities, no one ever cares to follow the rules and regulations, let alone the COVID-19 precautions. The frantic crowds usually have no ears to listen to the words of wisdom. If we objectively analyze the resultant outcomes of the lockdown, it was a total failure with “unprecedented economic loss”. To save some we had put the whole fortune of civilization at risk. How could we think of saving the lives when our economic resources drain away? I believe we should not call for such a situation that might lead to another bout of the exodus of migrant workers and students. Let’s oppose the lockdown with all lungs of “sensitivity and prudence”. More than anything, the lockdown isolation unarguably contributes to “weakening our immunity” to fight the Covid virus. Let’s not waste our breath on such measures that finally render us weaker and reduce our immunity.