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D/T : 27 May 2022 2:10 AM

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None can break India’s Integrity, says Actor Sonu Sood over recent Communal Violence



Actor, humanitarian, and philanthropist, Sonu Sood expressed concern about the breakdown of communal harmony in the country during a media interaction on the violence that has erupted in recent days.

However, the actor and philanthropist believe that behind every communal clash in India is a story of extraordinary harmony and multiculturalism and that India will choose peace over violence.

Sonu Sood, speaking at a press conference organised by Ankura Hospitals on Wednesday in Hyderabad, described the recent clashes as unfortunate, and part of a concerted attack on India’s secular fabric.

“Parents, teachers, and influential groups should step forward to save our next generation. India has fought back in the past, and we will fight back again this time against anyone attempting to discredit the image of a united India”, said the actor.


He stated that both Hindus and Muslims are Indian citizens and that it is the responsibility of both communities to ensure that the country’s image is not tarnished and that the poison of communalism does not spread through society’s veins.

Sonu Sood was in Hyderabad to attend an event by Ankura Hospitals. Sonu Sood, the Ankura Hospitals’ Brand Ambassador, extended his association with the hospitals and spoke with the media about his upcoming projects.




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