/NRC: Many Bengali Hindus are not included in the final list,alleges Tarun Gogoi

NRC: Many Bengali Hindus are not included in the final list,alleges Tarun Gogoi

Former Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi today criticized the National Register of Citizens, . and said that the final NRC was incomplete.

Gogoi told to a national news channel that the authorities had excluded many genuine Indians from the final list. “Many genuine Indians – particularly Bengali Hindus, are excluded from the NRC, while many foreigners are included,” Gogoi said. “The Bharatiya Janata Party has to explain what went wrong with the NRC.”

This list states that the weight of illiterate migrants who have settled in Assam for decades is being weighed. 3.11 crore people have been included in the final list.

Gogoi, a Congress leader, said the exercise should be based only on the 1985 Assam Accord. He also criticized Assam Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma’s final list. “If the BJP is crying, whose responsibility is it?” Gogoi asked. “It is the BJP government in the state which has prepared this list. Our position is clear: It does not matter whether the person is a Hindu or a Muslim … Any person who is a foreigner should not be included. “

Earlier in the day, Sarma said the Supreme Court should allow re-verification of names in the final list. “The names of several Indian nationals who migrated from Bangladesh as refugees before 1971 were not included in the NRC because the authorities refused to accept the refugee certificate,” Sarma said.

The minister said on Friday that NRC in its present form would not help in expelling foreigners from Assam. He also claimed that the central and state governments are devising new ways to eliminate foreigners as NRC does not fulfill the wishes of the local people.

Gogoi alleged that Amit Shah, the Union Home Minister and BJP national president, had taken the credit of expelling 41 lakh people last year. Gogoi said, “At that time, Amit Shah said that these are all illegal migrants who will be deported.” “He did not know that most of them were Hindus.”

The survivors from the final list will not be deported immediately. Instead, he has 120 days to apply to the Foreigners’ Tribunal to reconsider his claim of citizenship. If someone loses their case in the tribunal, they can appeal to the High Court and then the Supreme Court if required. However, if the person is excluded from the final list and loses their cases in the tribunal, they can be arrested and sent to a detention center.

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