/Oh these kids ! They drive me crazy!

Oh these kids ! They drive me crazy!

  • Ma Durga is another hassled mother!!

Nan na …..ar pari na..eke eto gochgach, tarahuro tar opur notun chotitao chai khuje uthte parchina…….nischoi Lokkuta ota porey padata chosey bedachche…kothay aamake ektu sahajjo korbe..tana,ekga goyna pore oi lokkhichada pechatakey niye tohol diye bedachchen uni…..ar Sottuta….?sheije bhorbelar theke chilkothay uthe ga ga kore gola shadtey bhosheche,nabar ar naam nei…..edikey or shadher hashta je koki kok kore khabar chaiche shey dikey ektuo hoosh nei biddedhorir…..aamar hoyeche jotto jala……..Katuketato kono kommer noy……manja diye babuti sheje nijer hotottchada moyure chepe gyme gechen..morey jai,morey jai……kajer namey to oshtorombha…ar Gonsheta……..oof….or je ki nachoney peyeche…saradin komor duliye dhei dhei kore lapachchen uni shoond duliye…….ebarey naki dhakider nakani chobani khawaben….aami je baar baar gadiwalake tagid debar jonno honno hoye chillchchi……karur kane ki tikiti norche…?Shib thakur to gaja tene Nonde Bhingeder jogar korey bom hoye aachen…aamar dike nojori dichchenna.!aamar baper bari jabar namei rege kai..!aachcha bochre ekbaar omukho hoi emukhta keno bhar hobe…?ei char patch dintuku to ektu shanti pai….. Shetao ki karur shojjo hoy?………jagge chuloy jaak. aami to aashchi………….tomra aamar opekkhay aacho to….? 

  ….Srinjoy Banerjee

 Oh no…. It’s just beyond me….such a lot of tidying up,rushing around…,and to top all this,I cannot find my brand new pair of sandals…. I’m sure that couldn’t care less Lokku, decked up to her best, must be wearing them and painting the town red,with that stupid owl of hers tagging along…. and Sorty? She’s a step ahead…her never ending,dusk to dawn music practice sessions , really gets onto my nerves!why,she doesn’t even heed to her swan’s hunger needs,once she’s glued to the singing routine..?. The good for nothing Katukey is no better….come what may,but nothing would hamper his gymming obsession, where his constant proud companion,the peacock, is seen necking ,while his master flaunts his biceps and triceps….and that spoilt cry baby Gonshu!!!his latest fad being the trunk swaying ,hip breaking dance movements,that as per his claims,would put all the drum beating acrobatic performers to shame,and his stretching away to glory..,when.Poor me,is stressing no ends with the last minute detailings!…I truly never thought going to my parents place would be such an ordeal,and meet a whole lot of scorned disapproval by none other than Shibu,the dahling husband of mine,whose love for his bottle is otherwise more than an unconcerned throttle,except for the five days yearly visits of mine,to my parent’s place.. now tell me all… Is that really a little too much for asking ….

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