/Online shopping facility to inmates in jail

Online shopping facility to inmates in jail

Have you ever thought of prisoners in jail, how they buy things they need. In this case, online shopping platforms have been introduced in China to facilitate the prisoners.

Prison is a place where the accused involved in different crimes are kept. Criminals are kept in prison for the punishment of their crimes. In such a situation, they have to live in different types of restrictions inside the jail, they are prohibited from providing many things. The sentence of living in jail is not easy for anyone. As a punishment, the prisoners are employed. They are not allowed to do anything on their own.

Prisoners in jail for the punishment will now be able to shop in the same way as other people. Yes, they just can not go out for shopping. Rather, they will be able to do this shopping online from the store. Indeed, China has given this facility to prisoners living in their respective jails. Under this facility the prisoners there can make online shopping up to 3 thousand every month.

This special facility is being given to prisoners in the Guangdong province prison. Indeed, a special platform has been launched to start online shopping for prisoners in China’s Guangdong Jail. Through which the Prisoners can stay in jail and make online shopping with the help of internet. In the Gulangdong jail, the administrative bureau was operated under the pilot project to start this special facility between January to April. During this, the prisoners had made 4 lakh rupees in which around 13 thousand orders were booked. This project was started for prisoners after the project was successful.

In each ward building in the ward, each floor is equipped with online shopping terminals, where prisoners can purchase around 200 items in 68 categories, including daily requirements, non-food items, cigarettes and gifts. Prior to this, the prisoners handed their shopping list to the jail officer by writing in their hand to buy any goods.

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