/Over 7500 Gram Panchayats will be handed over to the administrators from 12 districts today

Over 7500 Gram Panchayats will be handed over to the administrators from 12 districts today

Apart from Haridwar in the state, the remaining 12 districts will be fully governed by the Gram Panchayats from Monday. The number of such village panchayats is being told for seven and a half thousand. Very soon after the village panchayats, this situation will also be seen in the district and district panchayats. The tenure of the area and district panchayats ends in the month of August. There the government is also preparing to deploy administrators.

Administrators have been deployed in the state once before. When the panchayat elections were not possible at the time. After the formation of the state, every time many months have to be waited for panchayat elections. This time even the situation is not clear about the three-tier Panchayat elections. However, the State Election Commission has completed most of its work at its own level. The final publication of voter list has been done.

Apart from this, the commission has also started the process of publishing ballots. As far as the government is concerned, the reservation of Panchayats is yet to be decided at its level. Among these situations, as per the District Collector’s office, all Gram Panchayats in 12 districts from Monday will take over the work. However, administrators in many village panchayats took charge even a day ago. The reason for this is that in 2014 the first meeting of several Gram Panchayat boards was held on July 13. Accordingly, his term ended on Sunday. Most Gram Panchayat Board meetings were held on 15th July. Because of this, his five-year term is being completed on Monday.

Confusion on Panchayat Rule amendment bill
Confusion on PanchayatRaj Revision Bill 2019 remains intact. This bill has not been able to get the stamp of Raj Bhavan right now. Everyone’s eyes are on one thing in the preparation of the panchayat elections. It is that this time elections will be based on two children and educational qualification criteria. Actually, the shortcomings related to both of these amendments are continuously spoken. There are questions arising due to not having a cut off date on condition of two children, whereas OBC’s educational qualification has not been mentioned separately in the bill.

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