/Pakistan PM targets Modi government over Assam NRC

Pakistan PM targets Modi government over Assam NRC

The National Register for Citizens in Assam has become the latest bone of contention between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Pakistan counterpart Imran Khan, who later termed citizenship as part of the broader policy of the BJP-led central government in India. Connecting with practice. .

Immediately after the list was released on August 31, Imran took to Twitter to accuse the Modi government of attempting “ethnic cleansing of Muslims”, including his rhetoric of blaming India and Modi government’s policies targeting Muslims Added as try. He has held since repeal of Section 370, which removed the special status tag for Jammu and Kashmir and divided the former state into two union territories “Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh”.

The Modi government’s report on the ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Indian and international media sends alarm bells around the world that illegal mining of Kashmir is part of a broader policy to target Muslims.

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