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D/T : 27 May 2022 1:16 AM

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Police in Telangana have rescued 461 children as part of Operation Smile



Hyderabad: From January 1 to 31, 2022, the ‘Operation Smile- VIII’ campaign was carried out across the state of Telangana for one month. Telangana State Police conducted the operation in collaboration with other departments and non-governmental organisations.

Every year from January to July, Operation Smile is carried out to locate and rescue missing children, children trapped in child labour, begging, and trafficked children.

The teams have rescued vulnerable minors from a variety of locations, including train stations, bus stops, religious sites, traffic intersections, mechanic shops, stores, tea booths, and footpaths, since the programme began.

A total of 2785 children were rescued, with 2296 boys and 489 girls, according to a press release. Officials have reunited 2432 children with their parents or guardians, while 353 have been placed in foster homes.



A total of 812 children from outside the state or country were rescued: 165 street children, 1413 from child labour, 236 from brick workers, 97 from begging, and 874 from various jobs.


In January 2022, the Cyberabad police team rescued 461 children from industries and other establishments and filed 54 cases.


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