/Primary focus on Journalist Protection bill: Ras Bihari, President -NUJ(I)

Primary focus on Journalist Protection bill: Ras Bihari, President -NUJ(I)

Senior Journalist Ras Bihari (Delhi) has been elected President and Prasanna Mohanty (Odisha) General Secretary in the National Union of Journalists (India) elections. All office-bearers have been elected unopposed in the two-year election of the NUJI affiliated with the International Federation of Journalists.

Ras Bihari has also been president and general secretary of the organization for several years. Prasanna Mohanty was also elected General Secretary for the second time. All the office bearers have been congratulated on the unopposed election of all the office bearers, including the outgoing president of NUJ (I), Pragyanand Chaudhary, Vice President Sandeep Malik, Shiv Kumar, Vivek Jain, General Secretary Shiv Kumar Agarwal and Treasurer Seema Kiran. Mr. Chaudhary, Mr. Malik, Mr. Shiva, Mr. Jain, Mr. Agarwal .

In the meanwhile, the elected members and team call for urgent action to protect journalists and sources. Ras Bihari, President NUJ(I), said that immediate and the primary focus will be on the Journalist Protection bill.

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