May 6, 2021, 7:28 pm
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Naspers’ global consumer internet group, Processes, announced the launch of the Prosus Social Impact Challenge for Accessibility (Prosus SICA)  for Accessibility in collaboration with Invest India and Social Alpha.

This challenge is open to Indian startups who are less than ten years old and accredited by the Ministry of Industry and Internal Trade / Commerce and Industry. The winning products have the potential to introduce positive change in the lives of socially effective, technologically innovative, sustainable, scalable and persons with disabilities.

Prosus SICA is offering Sika Rs 16,500,000 over three years, and grants to the top three startups each year. Startup India Hub hosts the event on its website.

Eileen O’Toole, chief executive officer of Prosus SICA , said: “Indian businessmen are creating exciting prospects and building businesses that address unique social needs.
Prosus SICA wants to support startups in India that work on assistive technologies to enhance the lives of people with disabilities. In addition to financial grants, Processes also offers technical support, guidance and business advice with our partners. We want to help startups succeed. The event brings together two major government campaigns: Digital India and Accessible India. ”

Mr Deepak Bagla, MD and CEO of Invest India, said: “Indian sophistication is at the forefront of the epidemic. India’s strength is the ability of our entrepreneurs to turn and develop effective frugal solutions. As we move towards the subjective India envisioned by the Honorable Prime Minister, it is imperative to ensure that India builds these capabilities and provides solutions to the challenges facing the world. This challenge, which aims to develop assistive technologies for people with disabilities, helps to achieve this vision. ”

Mr. Manoj Kumar, President and Founder of Social Alpha, said: “In India, there is a dearth of high quality and affordable assistive technology solutions that empower the disabled. We need to encourage commercial investment in innovations that can serve individuals with disabilities. We started working in this space in 2018 and have supported over 15 startups that validate their product-marketing competencies, help with clinical trials and bridge the gap in distribution and service channels. We are very proud to partner with Startup India and Process and hope that this challenge opens up exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs. ”