/Ranveer Singh reveals Deepika’s habits

Ranveer Singh reveals Deepika’s habits

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are considered to be one of the beautiful couple of Bollywood. Last year, they were married to both of them. Since then these two have been in the headlines for some reason. Not only this, since marriage, both of them continue to do much about each other’s habits. Now Ranveer Singh has disclosed the dipika and its one habit.

In a recent interview to a news website, Ranveer Singh has told that his wife is very strict mood. He said, “Deepika does not like both things to stay out of my house for long and to get out of the house without eating. It takes a lot of hard work towards all these things. ‘ Ranveer also told the reason for his attitude.

Padmavat Actor further said, “I have taught a lot from Deepika. I do not think I can do any work without hearing their voice. This happens to me when buying something. At the time of shopping, he always tells me to know how much this is. Apart from this, Ranveer Singh told many things related to himself and Deepika.

Deepika Padukone has recently been made Wax Statue in Madame Tussauds in London’s Museum. Deepika, along with her husband Ranvir Singh and father Prakash Padukone, took part in the unveiling ceremony of this Wax Statue in London. This statue of the actress has been named ‘The Sachet of Purpose’.

At the same time, the picture of wife and her statue was given by Ranbir Singh, actor Ranbir Singh, giving a great caption while sharing his official instagram. He wrote – “I have a DP 2.0 original.” On her husband’s funny caption, Deepika also responded in a very different style. The actress wrote in reply: ‘Now you know very well that when you miss me more then where do you go?’ The fans of Deepika and Ranveer liked this funny style.

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