/Resolution in the US Congress on the occasion of International Mother Language Day

Resolution in the US Congress on the occasion of International Mother Language Day

Resolution in the US Congress on the occasion of International Mother Language Day

Congresswoman Grace Mang has raised a resolution in the US Congress to ensure that the 21st of February, International Mother Language Day, is celebrated with due dignity and through various programs across the United States. The Democrat, elected from District 6 in New York, introduced a resolution in the US Congress on Thursday.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) recognized February 21 as the International Mother Language Day, commemorating the great language movement in 1999. Although the United Nations has decided to observe the day, many countries around the world still do not observe the day that way.

Grace Mang, a congresswoman from Queens, New York, who lives in Bangladesh, later said in a video statement about her resolution that her goal is for the American people to understand the day properly and to observe it through various programs. He has raised such resolutions in the last four Congresses.

“More Americans should know about International Mother Language Day and the significance of celebrating this day,” she said. I hope my resolution will help raise that awareness. ‘

He commemorated the martyrs of the great language movement in 1952. “UNESCO has recognized February 21 to protect the language rights of people around the world,” he said in a statement. However, the dignity of this day is a little different for the people of Bangladesh.
He mentioned that the students had formed a strong movement against the Pakistani rulers to demand that Bengali be made the state language. Many have given their lives.

Grace Mang noted that about two thousand languages ​​are on the verge of extinction due to lack of care. Highlighting the US census data, he said, “The beauty of America is its diversity. People speak 381 languages ​​here. As a result, International Mother Language Day is even more important in America.

He promised to continue such efforts in the future as well. He especially thanked the Muktadhara Foundation for playing a leading role in this work. Earlier, in 2015, the New York State Legislature passed a resolution to mark International Mother Language Day for the first time. This time it has been renewed at the initiative of State Senator Jessica Ramos.

Biswajit Riaan, founder of the Muktadhara Foundation, told TV that the raising of the resolution by Grace Mang went one step further in establishing the Bengali language and our status in the international arena. “We have been celebrating Ekushey February in front of the United Nations since 1992,” he said. This year marks the 30th anniversary of that program.

In 2016, I arranged a month-long sculpture exhibition there. That same year, the US Postal Service issued a commemorative stamp on International Mother Language Day at our initiative. We have been and will continue to be committed to passing resolutions in the US legislature, including in New York. “

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