/Rohingya refugees agree to relocate newly-built camp to Bangladesh

Rohingya refugees agree to relocate newly-built camp to Bangladesh

Around 6,000–7,000 Rohingya refugees have agreed to relocate to the newly built camp on Bhushan Island.

Bangladesh refugee commissioner Mahboob Alam Talukedar said on Sunday that officials would be stationed at Bhushan Char Island in the next few days to oversee the process.

He said that the government has constructed a three-meter-high embankment along its perimeter to create a warehouse for tidal rise during cyclones, and for storing months’ worth of rations. Mehboob Alam said that Rohingya leaders would be taken to Bhushan Char to see the facilities and living conditions.
Bhashan is a deserted island about 30 kilometers east of Hatia Island in four southeast Bangladesh. Hatia has a population of 6,00,000.Bhashan Char Island was formed about two decades ago at the mouth of the Meghna River.

Bangladesh has built a rehabilitation camp at Bhanhan Char with the capacity to accommodate around 1lakh people in 1440 buildings constructed at an estimated cost of ₹ 2,300 crore.

The government is keen to move Rohingya refugees to Bhushan Char Island. The Bangladesh Prime Minister said in his visit to the United Nations last month that the Bangladesh government had built houses, cyclone shelters and food warehouses on the Bhushan Char Island to relocate the Rohingyas there. She said that some organizations working in the Cox’s Bazar Rohingya camps do not want these people to go back and they are trying to stop them.

While the government plans to relocate the Rohingyas, environmentalists say that Bhushan suffers from floods, erosion and cyclones in four ecologically fragile areas.

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