July 29, 2021, 9:08 am
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Security agencies on alert;three more sightings of drones in Jammu

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Drones were spotted at three places on the outskirts of Jammu city on Tuesday night and in the early hours of Wednesday, keeping the police and other security agencies on tenterhooks.
The first drone was spotted at Miran Sahib at 9.23 p.m. Tuesday, according to sources. On Wednesday, the second and third drones were spotted in the Kaluchak and Kunjwani areas around 4.40 and 4.52 a.m., respectively.

Since the drone attack on the Indian Air Force Station in Jammu in the early hours of Sunday, drones have been spotted in the Union Territory every day this week.

Lt Colonel Devender Anand, Army PRO, had stated on Monday that “a substantial threat was present.”
A drone was spotted above the Ratnuchak, Kaluchak, and Kunjwani areas on Tuesday morning. The Army claimed to have detected drones flying above Kaluchak and Ratnuchak military stations the day before and fired at them, causing them to flee.