/Shaheed Minar made of red amaranth and spinach

Shaheed Minar made of red amaranth and spinach

Shaheed Minar made of red amaranth and spinach

The pillars have been made visible by planting spinach. And the sphere has become visible to Lalsha. Language Day verses have been written around the altar by cultivating vegetables. A martyr’s minaret of exceptional thought has been seen in the soil of Zafarabad village of Kuliyarchar upazila of Kishoreganj. Roman Ali Shah, an agrarian lover of the village, built this Shaheed Minar with vegetables planted with spinach and spinach.

With the exception of this Shaheed Minar, the interest among the people around the village is increasing day by day. At present, almost every day many people from different areas come and are surprised to see this vegetable vegetable minaret, taking pictures.

Talking to Roman Ali Shah on his mobile phone on Sunday afternoon to find out why and in what process the vegetable Shaheed Minar was made visible. “It’s a matter of consciousness,” he told Riaan TV. Love and responsibility towards language. He said he has a young grandson. Grandson knows a lot but doesn’t know about Language Day. Then he thought that if the Shaheed Minar, the symbol of Language Day, could be presented in an exceptional process, the younger generation would accept it. Then their love for language will gradually increase. That is why this thought.

Speaking to several residents of the area, it is learned that Roman Ali was in exile for four years. Expatriate life he was not unsuccessful. Although there was no shortage of income, the mind did not last. He finally returned to the village in mid-2011. He has ancestral agriculture. Then it seemed that he would make friends with agriculture for the rest of his life and stay with agriculture for the rest of his life. That is why he set up an agricultural club in the village with 14 per cent acre of land. He undertook 11 projects under that club. Of these, guava orchards, cows, goats, pigeons, fish, and grass without soil are notable. The sale of fertilizers and seeds to the farmers at a fair price is also under this scheme. Even before that he made maps and national flags with vegetables. After successfully completing the work, the Shaheed Minar was built on the spot.

6 percent space had to be used to build the Shaheed Minar. Seeds are sown on the 3rd of this month after soil care. The vegetable minaret is visible. Roman Ali did not end his duty just by building the Shaheed Minar. On the altar he wrote various verses about Language Day. One of them is ‘Moder Garb, Moder Asha, Aa Mori Bangla Bahasa.’ Today, on the occasion of Language Day, there were more visitors than any other day. There are more pictures.

Roman Ali Shah said, ‘Agriculture and patriotism complement each other. So I will continue to think like that. ‘He said that even on Independence Day, he is thinking of doing something new using soil and agriculture.

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