/Shehla Rashid, Army Lock Horns Over ‘Torture’ Charge

Shehla Rashid, Army Lock Horns Over ‘Torture’ Charge

According to the report of the news agency ANI, the Indian Army on Sunday rejected two specific claims made by activist and leader of Jammu and Kashmir People’s Movement Shehla Rashid on the ground situation in Kashmir.

These were one of ten allegations leveled by Rashid in a series of tweets – based on the things that people from Kashmir say about the situation.

Rashid, meanwhile, told The Wire that he has “had detailed conversations with people about the situation there” and is willing to share “details” about the events he mentions with the military If it was “to conduct an impartial investigation”.

The activist tweeted on Sunday that the armed forces were “entering homes at night, picking up boys, vandalizing homes, deliberately spreading rations on the floor, mixing oil with rice ..”

In addition, he wrote that in Shopian, four people were “summoned to the army camp and questioned (tortured).” A mike was placed near them so that the whole area could hear their screams, and be terrorized. “

Meanwhile, authorities banned agitation in major parts of Srinagar on Sunday following violent clashes between residents and police overnight. It is said that dozens were injured in the clashes.

Telephone landlines were restored in some parts of the city after a 12-day blackout on Saturday and the state government said that by Sunday evening most telephone exchanges in the region would start functioning. Internet and cell phones are blocked in Kashmir.

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