/Shiv Sena’s demand ‘When Burqa Ban’ in Ravana’s Lanka, why not in Ram’s Ayodhya?

Shiv Sena’s demand ‘When Burqa Ban’ in Ravana’s Lanka, why not in Ram’s Ayodhya?

After the terrorist attacks on the Sunday of Easter in Sri Lanka, the government there had banned the burqa, citing which Shiv Sena has also demanded a ban on the Burqa from the central government. In his mouthpiece ‘Face’, Shiv Sena said that people wearing Burqa can be in danger of national security, so in India too, prohibition of wearing burqa in public places. The BJP has rejected this demand of Shiv Sena, while Union minister Ramdas Athawale has also called it a non-necessity.

BJP spokesman GVL Narasimha Rao said on Shiv Sena’s proposal that under the leadership of the Modi government, we have been successful in preventing terrorism. There is no need to put any type of ban on my own. If Modi is the country is safe.

Here, Union Minister Ramdas Athawale has opposed the proposal to ban Shiv Sena’s Burqa. They say that every woman wearing a burqa is a terrorist, it is not necessary. At Shiv Sena’s proposal to ban the wearing of burqa in public places, Athwale said that if the buffers wearing terrorists should remove their burqa, there should not be a ban on burqa in India. It is a tradition and they have the right to wear it.

It is known that Ramdas Athawale is the National President of the Party of India (Athawale). He is currently the Union Minister in the Modi Government and is known for his aptitude. Athawal was MP from Pandharpur Lok Sabha seat twice from 1999 to 2009. He has also been minister in the Maharashtra government. Athawal reached Parliament through the Rajya Sabha in 2014 and became the Union Minister of State in the Modi Government.

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