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D/T : 3 July 2022 5:58 PM

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Son buried mother who rescued alive after 3 days from the grave



Police in northern China said a woman buried in a grave for three days. It is alleged that the woman’s son tried to assassinate her and was presumed dead and buried in her grave. The woman was recovered in an unconscious state.

The wife of the accused had told the police that her husband had taken his mother somewhere in the jam on May 2. She did not return home since then. The police then arrested the accused and questioned him about his mother. After which the reality of the incident came to light.

On reaching the spot, people were told by the police that while the accused was carrying the woman, she was moaning and making a voice to save.

Several newspapers, including the Daily China newspaper, have written that the police department has not received any official statement in the matter. Police sources have been quoted as saying that the accused man has confessed to his crime. The matter is still under investigation, so no information can be given in this regard.


The accused has been identified as 58-year-old Ma, who buried her 79-year-old mother Wang alive.

It is being told that the woman was paralyzed and the accused had to take care of her.

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