/Taslima Nasreen said, “I am the daughter of this soil.”

Taslima Nasreen said, “I am the daughter of this soil.”

Taslima Nasrin, a noted writer, has expressed her gratitude to the government and the Home Ministry for increasing the residence permit (residence) for one year. Nasreen has expressed hope that the government will give him permanent citizenship or long-term permit because she is ‘daughter of this soil’ and his cat is also Indian.

In an interview given to the news agency PTI, she said, “India is my home. It would have been better if I do not have to worry every year to stay here. There is a provision for a residency permit for five or 10 years. I had requested the former Home Minister Rajnath Singh in the year 2014 that I want to spend my entire life in India.

Let the Union Home Ministry increase the residency permit of Nasrin’s residence for one year on Sunday. He is a Swedish citizen and has been continuously increasing his residency permit in India since 2004. A 56-year-old writer had been granted a residency permit of three months last week, on which he had requested to increase it for a year by Home Minister Amit Shah, sharing it on Twitter.

Nasreen said, ‘I am called foreign but I think that I am the daughter of this soil. I hope the government will consider giving permanent citizenship or long-term permits. I have spent 25 years in exile, yet every year I have to worry about where I will be staying. It also affects my writing. ‘

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