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D/T : 3 July 2022 4:25 PM

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Telangana rule out lockdown completely from June 20



The State Cabinet has decided to lift the lockdown totally in the State. The Cabinet has examined the reports submitted by the Medical and Health departm byent officials that Corona cases and number and the positive cases have drastically come down and the Corona is now under control in the State. Hence the Cabinet has arrived at the decision to lift the lockdown. The Cabinet has instructed officials from all the departments to lift all the restrictions imposed during the lockdown in the State.
The State cabinet also examined that the Corona is coming under control in the neighbouring States also. Based on the reports submitted by the officials, the Cabinet came to the conclusion that compared to other States, Corona came under control speedily in the Telangana State. Based on this, the State Cabinet has decided to lift the lockdown from June 20, the lockdown was imposed till June 19.
The Cabinet has instructed the Education department to reopen all categories of educational institutions in the state from 1st July with full preparedness and the students are allowed to attend the classes physically.  With the educational institutions are getting re opened, the Cabinet has instructed the Education Department to prepare instructions and guidelines on compulsory attendance of the students, online classes and other related issues and release the same at the earliest.
The Cabinet sought support and cooperation from people for its decision, which was taken not to incur a loss to the livelihoods and for the benefit of public life. However, the Cabinet made it clear that lifting of lockdown should not lead to negligent behaviour, people should wear masks, maintain physical distance and use sanitizers and other self-regulatory methods to curtail the spread of the virus and they should follow the guidelines prepared by the government. The Cabinet also urged people to extend their full cooperation to curtail Corona’s spread once and for all.

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