/Terrorists from Pak may take the Gujarat route to enter India: Warns Intelligence

Terrorists from Pak may take the Gujarat route to enter India: Warns Intelligence

The Intelligence Bureau has issued a fresh terror alert to the Gujarat Police. According to the alert, terrorists may attempt to enter Indian territory along the India-Pakistan border in the Kutch region.

Following the input from the central agency, maritime and border police personnel have been deployed in the area to thwart any attempt to infiltrate by Pakistan-based militants.

According to East Kutch Superintendent of Police Parikshitha Rathore, villagers and fishermen in the area have also been alerted to the danger. They have also been asked to report any suspicious activity or person to the authorities as soon as possible.

Speaking to news agency ANI, the IPS officer said, “We have taken necessary measures to ensure that such intrusions do not occur. More maritime and border police teams have been deployed in the border areas. “

“Residents and fishermen living in the border area have also been alerted. He said that in case of any suspicious vehicle / boat or person seen by anyone, we have been asked to inform.

This also comes after intelligence agencies have warned of a possible terrorist attack in Jammu and Kashmir. According to the report, terrorists are instructed by Pakistan to target Indian forces in the region, but it is shown as a movement by the local people.

These terrorists have been directed to stage protests and stone pelting without allegedly participating in the activities. They have been specifically asked to attack Indian security installations.

Danger arose amid developments following India’s announcement to repeal Article 370, which granted special status to Jammu and Kashmir. The move in New Delhi has agitated Pakistan, which has been running from pillar to post to gain support on the issue on the international stage.

Although Islamabad has been thwarted in a failed attempt by the world, most countries have accepted that the move to Jammu and Kashmir is in accordance with the framework of the Indian Constitution.

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