/Tharoor, Owaisi and Ravi Shankar fight against

Tharoor, Owaisi and Ravi Shankar fight against

Triple Talaq Bill was introduced for the third time in the Lok Sabha today. Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad sought the permission from Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla to present the bill in Parliament.

Law Minister introduced the bill between the opposition’s heavy ruckus. This bill was introduced with the support of 186 votes against 74. The Law Minister presenting the bill in the House said that the bill has been passed in the previous Lok Sabha but due to the expiry of 16th Lok Sabha term and pending in the Rajya Sabha, it has become ineffective and the government has brought it back to this house again.

Presenting the bill, Ravishankar Prasad said that this Bill will protect the rights of Muslim women. During the previous government, we had passed the bill from the Lok Sabha but it remained pending in the Rajya Sabha. According to legal procedures we have brought a bill again.

The public has elected us to make the law and the debate on the law is in the court. Please make the Lok Sabha the court. They said, ‘This question is of no politics. Neither is religion. Neither is the prayer. This question is of women’s justice. Women’s justice, women’s dignity, and today we have to ask the question from within ourselves that when the Constitution of India is 70 years after Independence, then what does it mean that there are no others, no sister … said Talaq,Talaq,Talaq… you are out of the house, not allow to request . ‘

Talking to the media, Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said, it is a matter of great discomfort that the Congress has opposed the three Divorce Bill. Earlier he had not opposed it. The last time he left the Lok Sabha. But today he is standing for Owaisi who is opposing this bill. The Congress party’s leader is Sonia Gandhi. In spite of this, the party is adopting anti-female attitude in the Lok Sabha.

Bill will not change the situation of Muslim women: Congress
Congress MP from Thiruvananthapuram Shashi Tharoor opposed the three Divorce Bill, saying that instead of targeting one community, such a law should be made so that all the people doing this can come under its purview. Why has the bill brought in keeping only one community in mind? This bill will not change the status of Muslim women nor will their interests be protected. I do not support this bill. This bill has been brought to disturb people only.

Owaisi told the bill violation of Article 14 and 15 of the Constitution Owaisi, MP from AIMIM and MP from Hyderabad, opposed the bill, saying that if a non-Muslim is put in the case, then he will be sentenced to a year’s sentence and a three-year sentence for Muslims. This is a violation of Articles 14 and 15 of the Constitution. This bill will only get punishment for Muslim men. Why is the government only sympathetic to Muslim women? Why does not the government worry about the Hindu women of Kerala? What is your stand on Sabarimala? Why are you against Sabarimala’s decision? This is going wrong. The Supreme Court has declared three divorces as unconstitutional. The government is ready to give the expenses of those women who will be punished after this bill. This bill is not in the interest of women.

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