October 25, 2021, 10:15 am
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The AP cabinet approves the One-Time Settlement Scheme as a social programme

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On Thursday, the Andhra Pradesh cabinet reviewed the progress made under several welfare programmes, including the YSR ASRA for women’s development in the state.

“The Cabinet has approved One Time Settlement (OTS) plan for loanees of Andhra Pradesh Housing Corporation Limited who took loans from 1983 to August 15, 2011,” said Andhra Pradesh media communication minister Perni Venkatramaiah on Thursday.

He further stated that the one-time settlement sum in rural regions is Rs 10,000, Rs 15,000 in municipalities, and Rs 20,000 in corporations.

In the second term, he added, qualified recipients who were overlooked in the first tranche of the YSR Aasara Scheme will get two payments of financial support. The cabinet has also authorised the expansion of the Punganuru Branch Canal from 79.600 km to 220.350 km as part of the Rayalseema Drought Mitigation project, according to Minister Perni Venkatramaiah.

Venkatramaiah also approved the establishment of a new police station in Kasinayana Mandal of the YSR Kadapa District, as well as a new agricultural polytechnic college in Thogaram Village of the Amadalavalasa Mandal of the Srikakulam District.