June 19, 2021, 4:34 pm
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The Chinese Defense Minister is coming to Dhaka

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Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghi will pay a one-day visit to Dhaka on Tuesday (April 26th). This information was given by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Chinese Defense Minister during his visit to Dhaka, President. He will hold meetings with Abdul Hamid and Army Chief Aziz Ahmed. The meeting is expected to focus on China’s defense and vaccination cooperation with Bangladesh.

Bangladesh’s bilateral relations with China are very strong. In addition to diplomatic and trade relations with the two countries, military cooperation is slowly increasing. Bangladesh also buys large quantities of military equipment from China. The visit of the Chinese Defense Minister is also important for geopolitical reasons.

Meanwhile, Bangladesh is also keen to get vaccinated from China as the outbreak of Corona epidemic has increased. The issue of vaccination will also be important during the visit of the Chinese Defense Minister.

Incidentally, the Chinese Defense Minister was scheduled to visit Dhaka in November last year. However, it was postponed just before the tour.