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D/T : 3 July 2022 4:13 PM

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News Bulletin

The Indian Embassy issues an advisory on the Ukraine-Russia conflict, urging Indian citizens to Evacuate the country



New Delhi :

In the wake of rising fears of a Russian attack on Ukraine, the Indian embassy in Kyiv asked its citizens, particularly students, to leave the country due to the current situation’s uncertainties. It also advised Indian citizens to avoid all non-essential travel to and from Ukraine.

The embassy said in a statement on February 15 that “Indian nationals in Ukraine, particularly students whose stay is not required, may consider leaving for a short period of time. All non-essential travel to and within Ukraine is discouraged for Indian nationals.”

The notice also asked Indian citizens to keep the embassy up to date on the status of their presence in Ukraine so that the embassy could contact them if necessary.


Tensions have been building in Kyiv as Moscow has amassed thousands of troops near the Ukrainian border, raising fears of an invasion. In a Facebook address to the nation, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky stated that his army is stronger than it was previously. Tensions between Kyiv and Moscow have risen in recent months as Russia amassed an estimated 130,000 troops near the Ukrainian border.

The Pentagon, on the other hand, has dispatched 3,000 troops to Poland, bringing the total number of reinforcements sent to Europe in the last three weeks to 5,000. Moscow’s invasion of Kyiv could begin ‘at any time,’ according to the US White House.

In the face of mounting fears of a Russian attack on Ukraine, the Joe Biden-led country has already issued directives for its citizens in the country, while Kyiv authorities have approved the action plan.

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