May 6, 2021, 6:25 pm
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The movie ‘Sweet Girl’ Kabari has died

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The movie ‘Sweet Girl’ Kabari has died

Kobari left with a lot of unfinished work and many dreams. Sarah Begum Kabari is one of the best actresses of Bengal. Dhaka’s ‘Sweet Girl’ Kabari was active in cinema. Went from the front of the camera to the back, in the director’s seat. He died at the age of 13 after being attacked by Corona (Inna Lillahi wa Inna Ilahi Raziun). He breathed his last at 12:20 pm on Friday at Sheikh Russell Gastroliver Hospital in the capital. He was 61 years old. Kabari’s son Shaker Chishti confirmed the news.


After suffering from whooping cough and fever, Sarah Begum Kabari tested the corona sample. If you get the results of the test on the afternoon of April 5, you will know that he is not positive. He was admitted to Kurmitola General Hospital in Dhaka that night. On the night of April 6, doctors advised him to be taken to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) if his condition deteriorated. Finally, at noon on April 8, the ICU was found at Sheikh Russell Gastroliver Hospital for burial. He was taken to life support on Thursday afternoon. But the last defense was not.

‘Sweet Girl’ Kabari with her 5 daughter children

Kabari made her film debut in 1974 with Subhash Dutt’s ‘So’. He acted in ‘Jalchhabi’ and ‘Bahana’ in 1975, ‘Sat Bhai Champa’, ‘Abirbhav’, ‘Banshari’ and ‘Ye Agune Puri’ in 1975. The films ‘Deep Neve Nai’, ‘Darpchurna’, ‘K B G G N’, ‘Binimoy’ were released in 1970.

When the war of liberation started in 1971, he moved from Dhaka to his village home with his family members. From there he migrated to India. Going to Calcutta, Kabari attended various meetings, gatherings and events and participated in various cultural events to create public opinion in favor of the war of liberation. Recalling the memories of that time, Kabari once said, ‘I mentioned the situation in Bangladesh in a program there. I talked about how I left my parents, siblings, relatives and ran away in one piece. We go there and appeal to the world for help through them. ‘

Sarah Begum Kabari with Bulbul Ahmed in the film Devdas made in Bangladesh

After the country became independent, Kabari started acting in films again. He has acted in more than a hundred films. Notable among them is ‘Titus is the Name of a River’ directed by Ritwik Ghatak in 1973. ‘Rangbaj’ with Nayak Razzak gets a lot of popularity.


In 1975, ‘Sujan Sakhi’ with hero Farooq surpassed all previous popularity. Then just move forward. Popular films include ‘Agantuk’, ‘Under the Blue Sky’, ‘Mainamati’, ‘Sareng Bau’, ‘Devdas’, ‘Hiraman’, ‘Chorabali’, ‘Parul’s Family’. He has worked with actors like Razzak, Farooq, Sohail Rana, Ujjwal, Zafar Iqbal and Bulbul Ahmed in the film for more than 50 years. Razzak-Kabari was one of the most popular duo in the history of Dhaka film.

In an interview with the media about their huge popularity and acceptance, Kabari said, “We acted with so much passion that we brought every scene of the film to life.”

Sarah Begum Kabari

Kabari started her career as a film director in 2005 by making a film called ‘Aina’. He even played an important role in that film. Then he got involved in politics. In 2008 he was elected Member of Parliament from Bangladesh Awami League. She has been associated with numerous women’s rights and social organizations. His autobiographical book ‘Smritituku Thak’ has been published at Amar Ekushey Book Fair 2018.

Kabari was born on 19 July 1950 in Banshkhali, Chittagong. Her real name was Mina Pal. Father Srikrishnadas Pal and mother Lavanya Prabha Pal. She took to the stage in 1983 at the age of 13 as a dancer. Then television and finally movies. Kabari married Chitta Chowdhury. After the divorce, she married Safiuddin Sarwar in 1986. They also separated in 2008. Kabari is the mother of five children.