/The second batch of vaccines is coming tonight, about 70 million doses will be available

The second batch of vaccines is coming tonight, about 70 million doses will be available

Corona virus: The second shipment of the vaccine is coming tonight, a guarantee of about 70 million more doses?

Bangladesh has bought 30 million doses of Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine.

According to Beximco Pharmaceuticals, 2 million doses of the coronavirus-resistant Covishield vaccine are expected to arrive in Dhaka by 11:30 pm tonight.

This is the second shipment of 30 million doses purchased from the Serum Institute of India.

The tick in hand is all in the first dose

Nasima Sultana, additional director general of the health department, said adequate supply of vaccines was assured.

Therefore, the idea of ​​giving 35 lakh vaccines in the first phase has been changed and now it is planned to give the entire dose in storage as the first dose.

“We made this decision after we were sure about the ticker shipment,” he said.

However, the government wants to end all doses that are in hand, even in the face of fears that the vaccine will expire, according to officials at the ministry.

The second dose from the month of April

The government plans to start the second dose of vaccination from April.

And before the second dose is given, the government wants to start giving the first dose to more new registrants at the same time.

Soon there was an announcement to start vaccinating teachers as first-line workers.

On the other hand, for the sake of conservation, Bangladesh Ticker consignment is in favor of coming with a short break, officials said.

The first vaccination of Bangladesh covshield was started on 26 January.

The same dose is likely to come in the next few months
On January 25, the first shipment of 5 million doses made by Oxford-AstraZeneca and produced by the Serum Institute of India arrived in Bangladesh.

However, 2 million doses donated by the Indian government had already arrived in Dhaka.

The Covishield vaccine was first given on January 26 for observation. And from the 7th of this month, the nationwide mass vaccination program started.

Since then, an average of 200,000 doses a day have been given, officials say. More than 35 lakh have been registered till noon today.

In the beginning, people were not interested in vaccination in Bangladesh, but now the interest has increased a lot.

Will Bangladesh get adequate vaccination?

But just yesterday, the Serum Institute called on the world waiting for the vaccine to be patient, as India’s domestic needs would be met first.

In this context, how much will Bangladesh be able to collect adequate vaccines in time?

Questions are being raised about whether there will be enough vaccines for the second dose after the first dose.

Vaccines are needed more in proportion to the population.

ASM Alamgir, chief scientific officer at the government’s Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research, said the vaccine could reach Bangladesh in the next few months.

“There are tens of millions in our pipeline, including vaccines bought from the Serum Institute, which will be given in two doses to 50 million people,” he said.

CoVAX is an initiative of the Global Alliance for Vaccines and the World Health Organization to distribute coronavirus vaccines worldwide.

They have promised to provide vaccines to 26 percent of Bangladesh’s population.

Mr. Alamgir says, “Kovax will give 68 million vaccines to Bangladesh.”

Its first shipment is expected to arrive later this month.

‘Bangladesh’s vaccination program ahead of many countries’

Public health expert Mahfuza Rifat thinks that although Bangladesh is ahead of many other countries in terms of vaccination, it would have been better if the number and plan had not changed again and again.

He says, “There are many challenges to vaccination worldwide. The way our vaccination program is going, despite everything, I would say is as expected. But the amount of vaccines that are being said so far is not enough for the population in Bangladesh.”

“So we have to keep up the quality and speed of this service up front. We have to remember so that we don’t go into any challenges.”

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