/Those who are not getting married in China, they travel in this train

Those who are not getting married in China, they travel in this train

All kinds of things are in trend in the world and they are very viral on social media. One such trend has been started in China, which is becoming increasingly viral on social media. A unique train service has been started in Darial, China to get Kuwars married.

The journey of Love Special train started on August 10, in which more than one thousand young men and women traveled. The service of this train has been started to help the lonely people of the country in searching for partners. Explain that there are about 200 million people in China.

The train, which runs from China’s Chongqing North to Qianjiang Station, has become so popular among people that it is now demanded to run twice a week. The sex ratio in the country has deteriorated significantly due to a child policy implemented in China since 1970. Due to this, people are facing problems even in marriage. However, the one-child policy was scrapped in 2016. Explain that the average success of the wedding of passengers in this train is about ten percent.

Last year i.e. in the year 2018, only 7.2 percent people out of a thousand got a chance to get married. Due to these figures, the marriage rate in China has been the lowest in the last decade. According to sources, Huang Song, who traveled on this train, said that such an effort is very creative from the perspective of finding a life partner. It not only gives people a journey, but through it, we also get together easily.

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