/Today, the last day of the financial year: This important change will be in your life tomorrow

Today, the last day of the financial year: This important change will be in your life tomorrow

Today is the last day of the financial year 2018-2019. There are also many other rules which are also to meet today on the last day. You must settle today’s essential tasks related to these dates or else there may be further problems.

PAN card may be canceled

The last date for linking the PAN card to the base is March 31. If this does not happen, the PAN card will be canceled from April 1 and will not be able to file the ITR.

Today is the last chance to choose TV channel pack, otherwise it will be difficult

Under TRAI rules, there is a last chance to choose the TV channel pack by March 31. If not, DTH and only services will be affected from April 1. People may have to pay more for this.

Loans may be cheap

Bank loans can be cheaper from April. Instead of MCLR, the banks will give loan on the basis of repo rate. Banks will also have to reduce rates on reducing the repo rate of the RBI. Now the banks themselves decide when to increase or decrease the interest rate.

New number plate

It will be mandatory from April 1 to fit the High Security Number plate on the cars sold in the showroom. Also the type of fuel on the windscreen of cars must be entered. The Supreme Court has specifically instructed the rules to be implemented in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan by October.

ABS: Two-wheeler more secure

It is mandatory to give automobile companies an anti-lock braking system in motorcycles of more than 125 cc. This will stop the tragedy. The Road Transport and Highways Ministry had given instructions in March 2016, without which these two-wheeler vehicles can not be sold without a single ABS April 1, 2019.

Bank merger

Dena Bank and Vijaya Bank will be officially merged in Bank of Baroda from April 1. The customers of these banks will now be called Bob customers and the BAO will start the process of issuing new check books and cards to these lakhs of customers. If you are a customer of these banks then keep an eye on the bank’s messages.

PF account will be transferred automatically

If you change your job after April 1, then you will get rid of the hassle of transferring the old PF account money to a new PF account. Under the new rules of EPFO, your new account will automatically be associated with old ones. It will take help of the employee’s 12-digit universal account number.

Investment in MFs cheaper

SEBI has instructed to reduce the total expense ratio (TER) of mutual funds to the realization of recovery. This money fund is taken from its clients for their schemes and account management.

Air travel will be easier than Delhi

Domestic passengers at the International Airport Terminal II in Delhi went to the check-in area, would be allowed to go to the boarding area. Here they will be investigated. This will prevent crowds and lines during checking. This facility can be given in the rest of the terminal as soon as possible.

Nourishing Foods in Air India Flight

Air India is changing the menu of food after two years; Packaged and roasted food will not be offered from April 1, but nutritious meals such as buttermilk, yogurt, lassi, moong dal, rice, poha, upma, chutney, Salad etc will be served.

Physical share transfer off

Shareholders will not be able to sell or transfer paper shares from April 1. SEBI has instructed to convert these shares into demat form, only after this they can be sold or transferred.

Second house vacant, no nominal tax

For those citizens who have two houses and the second house is vacant, they will not have to pay tax to the government in the name of getting them a nominal (fictitious) rent. The government made this arrangement in this budget. In a way, the government has admitted that a person can use two houses to live at one go.

Electricity prepaid meter

Electricity consumers across the country will get the option to take the prepaid meter of electricity. This will allow customers to pay as much as they want to spend. These meters can also be recharged online. The Central Government has set a target to install these meters in the houses till 2022.

Corporate: Independent women director mandatory on board

No person can be present in the Board of Directors of more than eight listed companies at one time. Board of the top 500 companies listed should have at least one woman independent director. This will lead to gender diversity in the board and the same director will not be part of many companies.

Look at corporate risk

Top 500 companies have to create a committee for risk management and audit committee and cyber security. These companies will risk risk evaluating loans, advances, investments and cyber security.

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