June 22, 2021, 7:33 pm
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Traffic police knocking doors to collect fines

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Story Inputs: Azmathullah Sharif (Bengaluru)

The Bangalore traffic police is after habitual offenders to collect fines in city. In this regard traffic inspectors coordinated by traffic cops are knocking the doors of offender to instill traffic guidelines and safe usage of roads.

This move comes in wake of huge pending fines of traffic offenders who were issued with postal fine intimation challans of fines earlier.

These measures which were not effective caused traffic cops to knock the doors of offenders. In light of this the police headquarters in Queens road has given standing instructions to go after the offenders to collect the penalties by reaching them in person as to penalize.

It may be noted that several teenagers and youths resort to reckless driving on the city roads including wheeling which has become a nuisance for safe use of roads in the city. 

In order to ensure safety of roads for normal road users the steps by Bangalore traffic police is highly appreciated.