/Trump once again offered to mediate on Kashmir

Trump once again offered to mediate on Kashmir

US President Donald Trump has once again called for mediation on the Kashmir issue. The day before, he spoke to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan over the phone.

Trump said on Tuesday that he would raise the issue with Prime Minister Modi over the weekend. “Kashmir is a very complex place. There are Hindus as well as Muslims. And I would not say that there is a lot of interaction between them. I will do whatever is best for mediation,” Trump told reporters.

Earlier in a phone conversation, Trump had told Imran that he would take precaution in rhetoric against Kashmir. Describing the situation as difficult, he asked both sides to exercise restraint. Trump spoke to Prime Minister Modi on Monday for about 30 minutes. He then talked to Imran Khan.

During this time, Prime Minister Modi raised the issue of fierce rhetoric and incitement of Pakistani leaders for anti-India violence. According to the White House, Trump asked Khan to discuss the Kashmir issue to reduce tension on Jammu and Kashmir and exercise restraint in rhetoric against India.

There is a second talk between Trump and Khan in less than a week. Earlier in the conversation with Trump, Prime Minister Modi spoke about the sharp rhetoric and inciting anti-India violence by Pakistan’s leaders. Ever since India has withdrawn the status of special state from Jammu and Kashmir, the neighboring country has been witnessing its fury. Trump asked Khan to reduce the tension and avoid sharp rhetoric. After talking to both the leaders, Trump said that the situation in the area was ‘difficult’ and said that he had a good talk with both the Prime Ministers.

Following Trump and Modi’s talks, the White House tweeted, “Today President Donald Trump spoke with Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi on regional development and the US-India strategic partnership. The President called to reduce tensions between India and Pakistan. And stated the importance of maintaining peace in the region. “

The White House further wrote, with the two leaders discussing how they would strengthen Indo-American economic relations through increased trade and they look forward to meeting again soon. The talks between the two global leaders were very warm and bilateral and regional issues were discussed. Prime Minister Modi stressed on creating a terror-free environment as well as strongly raised the issue of terrorism from across the border.

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