/Trump suggested migrants get shot in the legs

Trump suggested migrants get shot in the legs

US President Donald Trump suggested migrants slow foot shooting, according to a new book.

The BBC reported on Wednesday that two New York Times reporters said Trump suggested extreme ways to prevent migrants from crossing the southern border.

They were involved in building an electrified, pointed border wall and a snake or crocodile-influenced trench.

Building a wall on the border with Mexico is one of Trump’s main policy objectives.

Construction of the wall has now begun, with the Pentagon allocating $ 3.6 billion of military money for its development.

It is a week-long history in March 2019 when Trump reportedly tried to stop all southern migration to the US.

According to a citation, the president privately suggested to allies that soldiers shoot migrants in the legs, but they were told that it would be illegal.Earlier, Trump made a public statement suggesting migrants who shot soldiers.Trump suggested other extreme measures according to the book.

“Personally, the president often talked about strengthening a border wall with a trench filled with water, stocking it with snakes or crocodiles, prompting aid to estimate costs. He wanted to electrify the wall, with spikes at the top that could pierce human flesh, ”the extract reads.

The excerpt described the advisors as “in a panic” and “desperate” trying to step down the president, endorsing Trump’s order to implement a complete shutdown of the US-Mexico border by noon the next day.

“The president said the order to close the border was a decision point that touched a frenzied week of presidential anger, round-the-clock staff panic and more White House unrest than at the time,” says Ansh. Huh.

Aides reportedly managed to change Trump’s idea of ​​closing the border, but the president later excluded several senior aides he believed were frustrating his immigration crack , Which included Homeland Security Secretary Kirsten Nielsen.

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