/US President Biden has overturned the Trump administration’s policies

US President Biden has overturned the Trump administration’s policies

U.S. President Joe Biden was sworn in on Wednesday, he signed 15 executive measures, repealing the policies implemented by his Republican predecessor Donald Trump and making his first moves on the pandemic and climate change.

Biden, who signed a number of actions in front of reporters at the Oval Office on Wednesday afternoon, said there was no “waste of time” in issuing executive orders, memorandums and directives.

“Some of the executive measures I’m going to sign today will help change the course of the COVID crisis.

Actions signed by the Democratic president include a mask order on federal property and federal employees, the establishment of a new White House office that coordinates response to the coronavirus, and the suspension of secession from the World Health Organization.

Biden signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to begin the process of re-entry into the Paris Climate Agreement and issued an edict addressing climate change, withdrawing presidential approval for the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline.

Among orders to address immigration, Biden withdrew Trump’s urgent declaration to help finance the construction of the border wall and ended a travel ban on some majority-Muslim countries.

His press secretary, Jen Saki, said the Day One plans were only the beginning of executive action to be taken as soon as Biden entered office.

“In the coming days and weeks, we will announce additional executive actions to address these challenges and deliver on the promises made by the President-elect to the American people,” Saki said.

Subsequent actions include lifting the ban on military service by transgender Americans and changing the policy of barring U.S. funding for foreign programs linked to abortion.

In the financial sector, the U.S. wants to extend the temporary ban on dismissals until the end of March and suspend the Department of Education until the end of September. Seeks Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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