/Vishwa Hindu Parishad will demand legislation for Hindu- Pakistanis

Vishwa Hindu Parishad will demand legislation for Hindu- Pakistanis

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad alleges that there is a lot of persecution of Hindu minorities in Pakistan. They are being treated inhumanely and their daughters are being converted into Muslim by forcibly converted. It is alleged that they are being exploited. In such a number, many Hindu families are fleeing from Pakistan to save their lives and respect, to Hindustan.

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) demands that laws should be made to stay in India for these Hindus and they should be given the right to live like ordinary citizens, so that their life can be done in a normal way. The VHP leaders will meet with the MPs of each party to demand their support for making such a law.
VHP’s Union Minister (External Affairs) Prashant Harlalkar said during a press conference on Thursday that the situation of Hindus coming to India from Pakistan is very bad. Due to lack of proper identification card, they are having problems working and living a respectable life. Therefore, there is a demand from the central government that a law should be created for these people so that they can live a respectable life.

According to Prashant Haralalkar, they will meet the MPs of every country in the country to demand laws for these Hindu families. For this, from Friday 28th June to 14th August, they will meet the MPs of all the parties in the delegation of four to five people.
Hindu population decreasing continuously in Pakistan
The VHP alleges that there were about 16 percent minority population in Pakistan at the time of independence. It included Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and Parsis. But today the population has remained almost two percent. During this time, while the population of the Muslim community has been growing steadily.

 There is no one to answer that why the minority population was reduced in the meantime. The VHP alleges that due to non-cooperation of the Government of Pakistan, the World Human Rights Commission has not been able to take any concrete action on this matter.

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