/We need to adjust and live with Corona virus – Nitin Gadkari

We need to adjust and live with Corona virus – Nitin Gadkari

While interacting with MSMEs from the state of Telangana through a webinar ,Union minister for transport and MSMEs ,Nitin Gadkari,said, ” “ We need to live with Corona virus. The road ahead is not easy. As a nation, we need to fight this together. Be positive with full confidence. I can assure you that PM Modiji is fully aware of the situation and under his leadership we will be able to chalk a way forward for supporting MSMEs in the best possible way. Social distancing is a reality.”

He further informed that the Home Ministry has issued several orders and guidelines, which provide the framework for economic activity to resume, respecting norms of social distancing and personal hygiene.

Mr. Karunendra S Jasti, President, FTCCI participating in the discussion Suggested to improve the Golden Quadrilateral (GQ)- India’s pride national highway network, connecting the four major metro cities of India, viz., Delhi (north), Kolkata (east), Mumbai (west) and Chennai (south), and made into 6 lanes from the present 4 lanes.

The webinar was organized by the state unit of BJP along with FTCCI and other industry and trade bodies in Telangana. Mr.Gadkari interacted with the industrialists from MSME sector of Telangana, eliciting their views and suggestions to improve the sector post lockdown of covid-19 .

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