/“We will not allow Talaq bill to be passed in the Rajya Sabha”: Congress leader

“We will not allow Talaq bill to be passed in the Rajya Sabha”: Congress leader

New Delhi: In the Rajya Sabha, the government haven’t the majority in number. Govt has two options. One of them convinced his friendly or supportive parties such as AIADMK, BJD, for the bill. 13 of AIADMK and nine members of the BJD are in the Rajya Sabha. It may be possible to pass the bill if these two parties come in favor of the government or absent. The other option is to accept the bill as the opposition and send it to the Joint Select Committee. The committee can be asked to submit report in two to three weeks so that it can be passed in the next phase of the session.

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When the law will end
The central government has implemented this law through ordinance. This bill is coming in exchange for the Ordinance brought on September 19. If this passage does not pass this then the ordinance will be canceled. Since this is going to be held after the general elections, the matter will be hanging forward. The new government will also have to pass this bill again in the Lok Sabha.h

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What is the objection of Congress?
Congress and all opposition parties say that Muslim women should get rid of Triple Talaq. But on the Triple Talaq , the husband should not have the provision of punishment for up to three years. The argument is that there is no provision for punishment for husband in any law on divorce. Divorce is a civil matter, it can not be criminalized. Then the husband will go to jail, how will the payment of compensation or compensation to the woman? The court has not even given any such direction.

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