/Whatever government is, its owner is every Indian citizen: Modi

Whatever government is, its owner is every Indian citizen: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to Kashi to express gratitude to the Kashi people after the victory in Lok Sabha elections. He arrived at Air Force station at Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport, Varanasi at around 9.45 in the morning, along with BJP President Amit Shah. By visiting Kashi he saw the blessings of Baba Vishwanath and blessed him.

After this he addressed BJP workers in Handicraft Complex (TFC). Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP’s national president Amit Shah from Varanasi airport departed for Air Force aircraft from Delhi by 2 pm.
At around 11 am, Padmabhushan Acharya Pandit Devi Prasad Dwivedi has offered prayers for PM Modi at Baba Vishwanath Temple. During this time, Chandan was also planted on the forehead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and he used to wear Rudraksh’s garland. PM Modi also offered Dakshina Dakshina on the Shivling of Baba Vishwanath. After the visit of Baba Vishwanath, PM Modi reached Handicraft Complex (TFC), where he addressed BJP workers.

In the Pandit Deen Dayal Handicraft Package, PM Modi addressed the workers and said that the orders of the workers follow. The order of the workers is on the head forehead. Kashi influenced the world. Thanks to the workers before the oath, I was restless about Kashi. The reason for the resilience was the worker. On the day of the results Kedarnath was restless. Kashi refused to come, then Kedarnath went first. Kashi gave affection and strength Election in Kashi became a celebration of festivals. In the elections, you-I-I have very little. PM Modi said that due to the political ideology of hundreds of our workers in many states, murders have taken place. Political untouchables in our country are increasing day by day. Many places take the name of the BJP and the atmosphere of untouchability is made. PM Modi said that we try to walk with two things. First – India’s Great Legacy and Second Modern Vision We also have to retain our culture and take care of the current situation. PM Modi said that as there are two powers like policy and method, two powers are like policy and strategy, like two powers are transparency and diligence, like two powers are Work and Workers. Similarly we have faced two problems and they are two crisis- Political violence and political untouchability

PM Modi said that today there is a party that has a democracy in the rugged and rugged manner on the political canvas of the country, then it is BJP. Even though we are in governance, we still care about democracy most. We are people who believe in democracy. Wherever we have an opportunity, there is the importance of the voice of the opposition, because of the misconception of the people, regardless of their number. The daughters of Kashi took the trip to the school. The scooter that Daughters took out in the whole country and in the social media is a big talk, sitting on the scooter, our daughters sat on the whole Kashi with their heads. Modi’s election was contested by everyone in Kashi. Describing Kashi workers as Narendra Modi, Narendra Modi is contesting the election of every house today. Narendra Modi will fight every street. Workers were contesting from every street of Kashi. Kashi showed faith I thank the people of Kashi’s organization, every worker and every supporter of this matter that they did not conquer this election with the scales of Jay-defeated defeat. He considered the elections to be a festival of public relations, public collection, public dedication.

Addressing BJP workers, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that UP is giving direction to the politics of the country. In UP, the hatchet of victory came. Whether 2014 is 2017 or 2019, these hectic is not small. The minds of political pundits are not open. PM Modi said that the poor person of the village of Uttar Pradesh also thinks about the right direction of the country and also runs in that direction. PM Modi said that the result of the election is that he is a mathematics. The calculation of the 20th century elections will have gone into the realm of mathematics and arithmetic, but in the elections of 2014, 2017 and 2019, the country’s political analysts have to admit that there is chemistry in front of Earthmate. PM Modi said that the work of the government is to do the work and hence the work of the government on one side and when the worker joins then the ‘work + worker’ is such a force that charisma does.

Meanwhile, BJP President Amit Shah addressing the workers said that the people of Kashi are very fortunate. Kashi has been changed even after being busy. Kashi is the oldest city in the world. The people here believe in PM Modi. Kashi changed a lot in five years. PM Modi has developed Kashi. The next phase of development of Kashi is going to come.

Caste politics ended in UP and won elections on the basis of development. In the manifesto, there was an emphasis on UP’s development. After the road show, election result was detected. Shah said that the target of 50 percent votes was achieved by the workers. In 5 years UP will be among developed states. Elections on development today have been won.

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