/Why did Arjuna pick up arms to kill his elder brother in the war of Mahabharata?

Why did Arjuna pick up arms to kill his elder brother in the war of Mahabharata?

There are many mysteries related to the war of Mahabharata, which still make people unaware. One such secret is that when the battle was fought on 17th day of the Mahabharata war, to kill his elder brother Yudhishtir in Arjuna. But did you know why Arjun did this?

According to a story of ‘Mahabharat’ written by Maharishi Vedavas, war was taking place between Yudhisthira and Karna in Kurukshetra grounds. Everyone had great expectations from this war that only then Karna, mastering weapon, did a strong fight on Yudhisthira, causing Yudhishthar to be badly injured. Karna wanted to kill Yudhishthira at that time, but according to the promise to Mother Kunti, he left Yudhishthira alive.
When Nakul and Sahdev saw the bad condition of his elder brother Yudhishthur, he took them to the tent soon, where they were stripped. On the other hand, Arjuna and Bhima were still struggling with the Kurus’ army in the war.

Arjun was not aware of the condition of Yudhisthira. When he did not see Yudhishthira in the war land, he asked Bhima about it. Then Bhima told them all the things. After this, Arjun walked towards the tent to know the tragedy of his elder brother, where Yudhishthar was suffering from a pain in the injured condition.

Yudhishthar lost his temper by listening to Arjuna. He became angry at Arjuna and said, ‘You have come here only to ask about my wounds, or have you come to them? What kind of brother are you who can not take revenge for the insult of his elder brother till now? If you are unable to do so much for me, then your gambling weapon is of no avail. Throw it down and throw it ‘.

As soon as Arjuna heard of throwing Gadavi out of his elder brother’s mouth, he became angry. In fact, Arjuna had taken a pledge that if any person or his stranger would speak abusively of his holy and beloved gativas, he would pen his head. This was the reason that Arjuna lifted the sword to kill Yudhisthira after Yudhishthira condemned Gadavi.
However later Lord Krishna reached there and he stopped Arjuna from killing Yudhishtir. Krishna explained Arjuna and said, ‘O Arjun! I respect the promise you took for your beloved gandhi. According to the promise you have the right to kill your elder brother, it is a sin based on religion. ‘ Arjun calm down after Krishna’s explanation and he put his sword back in the sheath.

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