/Why did Parashurama kill 21 Kshatriyas? A deep secrets hidden behind it

Why did Parashurama kill 21 Kshatriyas? A deep secrets hidden behind it

Who does not know Lord Parshuram He is considered as the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the god of the world. It is said that Parshuram had destroyed the entire Kshatriya clan 21 times and Kshatriya was made to land. It is mentioned in the Puranas too. But do you know why God Parashuram did this?

Lord Parashuram is an interesting story behind the destruction of Kshatriyas 21 times. In fact, Raja of the city of Mahishmati was the son of King Kartaviry and Rani Kaushik, of the Haah dynasty of Kshatrijuna Kshatriya society. The real name of Sahastarjuna was Arjuna. It is said that he was pleased with Lord Dattatreya by his penance and received 10,000 blessings from him. Since then, Arjuna has been named as Sahasranguna.
It is said that Mahishma emperor, Sitarjhun, was stuck in his vanity and had narrowed all boundaries of religion. The public had been stricken with its atrocities.

Describing Vedas and religious texts as insignificant, insulting the Brahmin, destroying the ashram of the rishis, killing them unnecessarily, persecuting the people on the subject, and even in the drunken liquor of their entertainment, the virtues of women Had also started to destroy.

Once upon a time, Sahasragunj, with his entire army, reached Jamdagni from the forest to rest in the ashram of Rishi. Maharshi Jamadgri also welcomed Jayasrarjuna as a guest of his ashram and greeted him very much. It is said that the sage Jadgree had a miraculous cow named Kamdhenu with divine qualities derived from Devraj Indra.

After seeing the help of Kamdhenu’s cow, Jamdagani Rishi arranged food for the whole army of Sahastrjuna in a few moments. Seeing such amazing powers of Kamdhenu Cow, the desire to get him in the mind of Sahastarjuna wakes up. He asked Kamdhenu from the sage Jamdagni, but he refused to give it by saying that this cow is the only way of sustaining his life. But where was Saheb Jargon?

Sahastragun came in anger and ruined the ashram of the sage Jamdagni and Kamdhenu started taking the cow with him, but only then Kamdhenu departed from the hands of Sahyarajuna and went towards heaven. After this, when Lord Parashuram reached his ashram, he got angry after seeing his ashram at the disgust and the disrespect of his parents and he resolved to destroy the army and his army at the same time.

Parashuram accompanied with the great fury given by Lord Shiva and reached the city of Sahastrjuna, where there was a fierce battle between Parshuram and Sahastranjuna and his army, in which Parasurama had his thumping force cut his arms and thousands of arms and arms of the battle of Parasuru (furs) Killed.

After the slaughter of Sahasragunj, Parashuram went on pilgrimage to make atonement according to the orders of his father Rishi Jamdagni, but only after receiving the opportunity, the sons of Sahastrjuna cut their heads in the ashram of the ascetic sage Jamadgri with the help of his ally Kshatriyas. . The sons of Sahastranjuna burned the ashram, killing all the sages of the ashram; At that time, mother Renuka cried with her son Parashuram for help.

When Parashuram heard the call of the mother and reached the ashram, mother saw her weeping and saw the father’s cut head on her side and 21 wounds on her body. Seeing this, Parshuram was very angry and sworn that he would not destroy the Khayyatri clan, but he would destroy the Kshatriya by killing 21 Kshatriya clans and he fulfilled his resolve, which is also mentioned in the Puranas. .

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