/Why India is unable to prevent terrorist attack? Who is Responsible? Pointing Fingers to Pak is enough?

Why India is unable to prevent terrorist attack? Who is Responsible? Pointing Fingers to Pak is enough?

Let me first highlighted that every time despite of information, security forces failed to secure their movement that led to the worst terror attack .Why do the Officials not able to prevent the terrorist attack? We cannot denied intelligence failure.

After every terror incident we can hear lots of criticism coming from concern Government officials . Is that Only “Kadi Ninda”( Criticism) and pointing fingers to Pakistan is enough?

When the security forces of high alerts areas could not detect or check the vehicle full of explosives moving on the Nation – highway then it must accept that proper Security Lapse.

However, data released by the Present Government on February 5 reveals that J& K has been facing terror threats for the past 5-years.Then why such massive Security Lapse after so many attacks?

Big Question to our Intelligence team?

The J& K Police had shared intelligence input on their private Twitter account two days ago and warned about the suicide attack on the security forces by the JeM militant group.

In fact State Police shared a 33-second video also where it was shown by the terrorists attacking Somalia’s soldiers. And , the attack was done on CRPF jawans in Pulwama on Thursday.

So what our Intelligence team up to? Why they couldnot arrange proper security of troops vehicle?is not it a strong evidence of carelessness ?

If the video was taken seriously then this tragedy could have been avoided. It was said in the video that Insha Allah … will be in Kashmir.

The information of the CRPF convoy is suspected to reach the militants. But How did the information leaked ?

While interacting with a Senior Media Professional,Mr.Abdul Khader, who condemns this heinous incident and also questions that in valley road from Jammu to Srinagar its ghat road and single road and every 4 kms there is a security post to keep a track of all vehicles.Then how come SUV with 250 kg can come to hit the troops vehicle ?

According to the sources, Concern Officials have doubted that the terrorists should have got information about the movement of the CRPF of Pulwama. Due to this, militants carried out an attack with such a large amount of explosives. These officials say that during the big movement, negligence in standard operating procedures can not be ruled out. In this case, the negligence will be known only after investigation. A lot of people are involved in such a massive movement of soldiers, so there is a fear that its information has reached to the terrorists.

It is right to say that Thursday’s Pulwama attack was partly the result of an intelligence failure, especially due to the fact that security forces could not detect the loading and movement of the explosive-laden Scorpio.

According to PR and advocacy professional ,Satya Pamula- “We as a nation and people can move forward only when we admit our mistakes and pledge to rectify the same and learnt lessons to be more pro-active and sagacious in future!! If we don’t think we made mistake, there is no introspection and no room for improvement!!

Unless we admit that our intelligence failed..admit that we never followed SoPs..admit that we were callous on impending dangers..we cannot make amends and safeguard your country and country people !! #Jai Hind …by Satya Vachan aka Satya pamula #pulwama”

If we recollect this security lapse is similar to the lapse committed by Punjab police in January 2016 . It had received the information from one of its superintendent level officer who along with his two friends and vehicle was abducted by the Pakistani terrorists who had sneaked into the state on the new year eve.

Given the location of the terrorists, the Pathankot airbase was their likely target but Indian security apparatus failed to secure the perimeter of the airbase despite the advance warning of an imminent attack. Instead of deploying 150 NSG Commandos along with army troops,it had failed to prevent the attack.

The country’s security apparatus not only failed to prevent the attack but it was equally careless in claiming the success in the anti-terror.

In 2003 , also it was serious lapse by the Indian army in the aftermath of Tanda attack in Jammu & Kashmir that almost wiped out the entire top leadership of Indian army’s northern command by a lone surviving terrorist, who was hiding in the thick gross in the camp, killed Brigadier V K Govil, then in charge of the Engineering battalion based at Tanda and wounded then northern Army Commander Lieutenant-General Hari Prasad, Lt. General TPS Brar, the then commander of Indian Army’s the 16th Corps.

Is only one surgical strike is enough for India? The Home Ministry data shows that between 2014 and 2018, there has been a 93 per rise in the number of security personnel killed in terrorist incidents. Why its increasing? When on regular invervals this type of terror attacks taking place, isnot it raising a strong question to our system and their way of handling security of our country? What was the fault of the 40 innocent jawans who martyrd. Why they had not given them proper security?

Like every year, even this time the ears of the intelligence system are standing from October, November. Sources reveals that the level of intelligence warning is not less than anywhere. The top commanders of organizations such as Jaish-e-Mohammed, Lashkar-Toiba also know about the general elections in the country in 2019. Army and Border Security Force have been keeping vigil on high level, keeping them in the center. In the media, it has been reported from the beginning of this year that crossing the border of Abdul Rashid Ghazi and coming to Jammu and Kashmir.

According to the report, Ghazi has entered into the Indian border with his two companions. Ghazi is being told that he used to train in Afghanistan and is a master of improvised experimental equipment.

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The fact that the JeM or other terror groups are still active and holds the capability of carrying out an attack of such a scale should worry India. This is too painful and disturbing for the entire Nation. Our System should be more proactive.

Anyway, in Pulwama where suicide attack had taken place , it is 25 km away from Srinagar. Specifically if we look into the incident, lots of questions are arising.Why did not such caution take place in the ammunition of such a large convoy of CRPF? How to get an SUV in the middle of the convoy and collide with the CRPF bus, how is it possible? Is this not a big mistake in alertness?

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