/Why is Hamza Bin Laden a threat to the world?

Why is Hamza Bin Laden a threat to the world?

Everybody heard of the name of Osama bin Laden, the terrorist who attacked America’s World Trade Tower. He was hiding in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Where in May 2011, the US security forces had killed him and killed him. Since his departure, his wife took over the responsibility of al-Qaeda terrorist organization. Now is the possibility of assuming the head of the organization, Hamza bin Laden, who is coming 15th in Osama’s 20 children’s command.

The current head of the organization, Ayman al-Zawahiri, described him as the most likely successor. Hamza’s many habits are similar to his father. When a US military killed Osama in Abbottabad, Pakistan, one of his brothers Khalid was also killed. He did not know anything for four years and suddenly he got sighted in 2015. Because of his involvement with bin Laden’s family, he was easily adopted in the jihadist network.
United Nations ban on Hamza.

On Friday, the UN Security Council has put Osama’s son Hamza bin Laden on the list of his sanctions list. After being included in this list, now a travel ban on Hamza will be seized, its properties will be seized and arms purchase will be stopped. Hamza is believed to be the most likely successor to Al-Qaeda’s current ringleader Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Not only that, the US announced a reward of $ 1 million to the informer in connection with Hamza. Saudi Arabia also announced on Friday that it has canceled the citizenship of Hamza. The Security Council said in a press release that Al Zawahiri has announced that Hamza, born in Saudi Arabia, is an official member of Al Qaeda. The council said Hamza had called upon the members of Al-Qaeda to commit terrorist attacks.

By the way, Osama had many wives but the most liked him was Hamza’s mother Khairia Sabar. Hamza has learned to run weapons while living in Afghanistan before targeting America’s World Trade Center. Apart from this, he has read a lot of hatred against the Americans and Jews too. It is said that Hamza has lived in Iran with close people of Al Qaeda for several years.

Hamza was away from bin Laden for a long time. It was revealed to those letters that met US Navy SEAL from there after killing Osama. These letters show that despite being away from him, the father was in contact with Osama through letters. In one letter he has written that he is made up of Fauldad and ready for martyrdom or victory.

In August 2015 Hamza released an audio message and paid tribute to her father and brother as a martyr. In the message, the jihadists from all over the world talked about the attack from Kabul to Baghdad, from Gaza to Washington and from London to Paris. A year later, in his speech he had to say that we are all Osama. In this also he was seen talking about exchange.

Hamza had said, “If you feel that you will not be punished for the crime committed in May 2011 in Abbottabad, then you are wrong.” Often messages of Hamza are literally a copy of Osama. There are also close links with the operational commanders of his al-Qaeda. In January 2017, the United States put it on the list of specially designated global terrorists. Because of which all the properties of the United States or its possession or control of American persons were freeze

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