/Yogi will Interacts youth in all the 75 districts will be broadcast

Yogi will Interacts youth in all the 75 districts will be broadcast

The state BJP, preparing to decorate electoral lands, has prepared more than 65 percent of the people in the state’s population. Chief Minister Yogi will calculate the functioning and achievements of the Modi government in the youth of Adityanath region and in future know about the minds of youth on the agenda of the country. On Friday, Ramprasad Vishmil, located in Lucknow, will talk to more than two lakh youth through the program ‘Talking about the Yogi – Yogi’s mind’ program.

Santosh Singh, in charge of the program with Modi, spoke about the mind of India, that on Friday, at 11 pm at the Engineering College Chowraha, in the Ram Prasad Wishmil Auditorium, Chief Minister Yogi Aditya Nath has been given the task of youth. The aim of the program is to know about the minds of the youth of the minds of the Indian mind initiated by Modi and the BJP and their expectations to form the basis of the BJP’s resolution letter.

He told that the Chief Minister will communicate directly with more than 2 lakh youth through the program. IIT from Meerut from Meerut, Ganganagar from Agra, Agra College from Agra, Saraswati Vidya Mandir Degree College from Gorakhpur, BSSD College from Kanpur and UP college from Varanasi from Udaipur, Bhojubir will link and make suggestions for a two-way interaction. In addition to these questions, this program will be broadcast live in 74 Lok Sabha constituencies.

In the western region, the state’s chief minister Vijay Bahadur Pathak, Ghaziabad Ashwani Tyagi and Atul Garg, Union Minister Santosh Gangwar in Barekshtra Bareli, Awadh Area Unnao Cabinet Minister Brajesh Pathak, Gonda Ramapati Shastri, Lucknow State’s Chief Minister Ashok Kataria, Rae Bareilly State Minister Anup Gupta, Kaisarganj Sudhir Halvasias, Kanpur Area Fatehpur Cabinet Minister Satyadev Pachauri, of Nupur Pradesh’s Chief Minister Salil Vishwanoi and Sugarcane Minister Suresh Rana, Vice President of Banda in-Chief, Mrs. Ranjana Upadhyay, Amethi Pradesh’s Chief Minister Gobind Narayan Shukla, Gorakhpur area, Gorakhpur Dharmendra Singh, Azamgarh, Dayashankar Singh have been made in-charge.

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