Soma Sundar

Riaan.tv – “News without any shade and color”

In the fast-paced, multi-digital era of bites and bytes, we present news and views without colour just as it is, in black and white.
At Riaan, we evoke yester-year values of journalism and present news without any shade or colour.
Riaan is committed to making the views of oppressed and exploited communities heard
Riaan will provide the news that is relevant, truthful and timely and emerges from the communities themselves through research, and social interaction .

The Founders and the team have already been working on women’s and childrens’ issues for a long time… Our mission here is human interest journalism, serious opinion and analysis where we try to influence almost every opinion leader and decision maker in the country..

The team’s mission is to uncover all the hidden truth.

The Objective of Riaan is a Positive Journalism to to bring about change and create impact on the society.

Come and Join the journey.