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About US

RIAAN is  committed to making the views of oppressed and exploited communities heard

Riaan will provide the news that is relevant, truthful and timely and emerges from the communities themselves through research,  and social interaction

RIAAN – Revolutionary International Activist’s Asian News, as the name  says  ,  is the harbinger of constructive, crusading journalism… A fearless forum ready to create opinion,  gather it and further disseminate it and not just remain a passive vehicle of news.

The Founders and the team have already been working on women’s  and childrens’ issues for a  long time… Our mission here is human interest journalism, serious opinion and analysis where we  try  to influence almost every opinion leader and decision maker in the country..

RIAAN.Tv is an independent online medium that  will act as our conscience and brings news and  a  better perspective to viewers   on  issues of national  and international interest. A medium  that acts without fear.

The team’s mission is to uncover  all  the hidden truth.The Objective of Riaan is a Positive Journalism to to bring about change and create impact on the society. In Riaan.Tv –

News which is unique,

News that can differentiate

News that is positive and a learning to society

News that can create impact

News which can inspire

News which can scale

Riaan’CSR : EVAW – Ending Violence against Women that established in the year 2009, under the onus of Ms. Indrani Sarkar who is the E.V.A.W. Society (ENDING VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMAN) is working as a helping hand to the victims irrespective of any background. She single handedly fought and brought justice in the lives of more than 200 destitute Women and Children who come from different walks of lives and were otherwise left solely in the hands of destiny without guidance and future. It is her emotional attachment towards the cause that initiated the crusade against women and child abuse and inexplicable torture that was being meted to the individuals.We want both qualified men and women – but – let’s challenge the world about what men and women can do in the world for betterment…Our work isn’t about men versus women. It’s really about what’s best for children, families and our society..

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