Iran hijab protests result in fights with the police and five fatalities

Tehran : Iran is in uproar after a lady died while in police custody for failing to cover her head. The killing of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Kurdish woman, has sparked widespread protests throughout Iran. These protests have frequently become violent.

In the course of this, five individuals were slain in Diwandareh. Most protests are taking place in this area of Iran’s Kurdish region.

Iranian women protesters chopped their hair and set their hijabs on fire in the meantime. The rigorous requirement to appear on film is being resisted by women.

The death of the woman is being looked investigated by Iran’s court. Iran requires all women to cover their heads with the hijab.

Amini, who arrived in Tehran on Friday with her family, was detained by the Morality Police for failing to wear a hijab, and she passed away in the police station.

The family has complained of physical abuse, but the police have claimed that he died of a heart attack. Numerous people are protesting Amini’s killing. His funeral attendees in Sakej held a protest on Saturday. In an online media post, Iranian journalist Masih Alinejad shared a video of ladies having haircuts.

Amini’s death was being protested by hundreds of people a day earlier in Kurdish Sanandaj’s Azadi Square when police opened fire with tear gas. The car’s glass was broken and set on fire by the men and women protesters.

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