Interview with emerging artist Shital Keshari

Shital Keshari, who is rapidly emerging in the art world, has proved that if you recognize the talent hidden somewhere in your mind at the right time and start working with full dedication, and patience with inspiration, then nothing can stop you from moving forward on the steps of success. . It is known that Shital Keshari has started doing wonders through colours like a professional artist in a short span of time without any guidance and any traditional course in any institution, which is commendable.

Inspired by such ideas, Shital Keshari started using brushes on a canvas seven months ago with the intention of using colours in coordination with imagination in the art world. In a very short span of time, she has created many classy acclaimed paintings and is pursuing them artistically. Her recent paintings exhibited at the Asian Art Festival, New Delhi and Mumbai Art Fair attracted visitors and left an indelible impression on their minds. She never dreamt that she would ever be inclined towards painting. But it is difficult to know when destiny will lead someone on a new path. Interestingly, her inclination towards painting was due to her 11-year-old daughter Ms Prakriti, whom she sometimes helped in her artistic works. Sheetal’s versatile senior bureaucrat husband Ajay Keshari, an art lover, encouraged her by seeing the artistic talent of both her wife and daughter. Fashion designer-turned-painter Mrs Keshari says that after many years of doing a course in fashion design, she suddenly turned to paintings.
Q. What inspired you to become an artist?
Ans: It was never my dream to become an artist, but since childhood, art was etched in my mind in various forms. I did a course in fashion design years ago and could easily excel in fashion design. I didn’t think of doing much in this area. You will be surprised to know that seven months ago suddenly I started using colours on canvas with a brush. I can objectively say that my artistic mind propelled me into the stream of painting.
Q: How has the journey been so far?

Ans: Although this journey has been short but satisfying and wonderful. My first painting (May 2022) was just a replica of ‘Shakuntala’ composed by Raja Ravi Varma, which filled me with immense confidence. I learned a lot when I was reproducing Leonardo da Vinci’s The Virgin of the Rocks. After that, I started creating original paintings with a combination of my imagination and concepts. I composed the ‘Yagvalkya-Gargi Debate’ to depict the vital concept of empowerment of women through knowledge. During this short period, I have created many paintings ranging from classical to abstract.

Q: Are you an expert on a particular subject?
Ans: I am working on different subjects, especially not one. I’m on my way to developing a specific style to differentiate from existing styles.
Q: You recently participated in a painting exhibition held in Worli. Please tell me what was the reaction of art lovers to that exhibition.
Ans- Since I had so many wonders of colours on canvas, I wanted to display them organically. And yes, the Nehru Centre exhibition received an overwhelming response for my paintings! Not only this, I also got the opportunity to participate in the painting exhibition of Asian countries organized by the Mongolian Embassy at Ambedkar International Centre in New Delhi for the first time in the month of August, which I gladly accepted. Though I had very few artworks I made some paintings for the exhibition of painting at a respectable level with tireless efforts which were highly appreciated. Mongolia’s ambassador has even said that he wants to see you on the global stage. It inspired me a lot and helped me give wings to my artistic expression.
Q: Is there any distaste and lack of enthusiasm for painting in this fast-paced digital world?

Ans: It’s not so at all. Machines cannot dominate the world. Painting is a natural art in which colours get a natural expression. Digital platforms can provide you with ways to portray your imagination in reality but there is no substitute for natural creations.
Q: How is the painting landscape in India compared to abroad?
Ans: It is everywhere, be it India or other countries of the world. I think the passion, stage and interest of art connoisseurs in India to display paintings is more evident in Mumbai. Yet, talent is not a slave to any particular place. This distinctive art form has a long tradition in India as well. Since ancient times, painting has been one of the most important cultural activities for expressing ideas. Now, this art is growing rapidly in India. Different styles of painting have developed in India which are relevant even today.
Q- We have heard that your daughter Ms Prakriti is also doing the amazing painting.

Ans: Ms Prakriti is a born artist and naturally depicts her imagination according to her intuition.

Q: Do you have any future plans to take your painting activity to a higher level?

Ans: This is the beginning of my artistic journey. There is so much to learn at every step of this journey and I have enough time to move forward. I have to develop a unique style for my unique identity, which I am working on and working on.

Q: Do you have any advice for budding painters?

Ans: You can reach the pinnacle of success at any age with your creative passion. But if you have to do something in life, do the best you can, and don’t try half-heartedly. Believe in yourself and stay motivated. Honesty, hard work and dedication are essential for ultimate success. You have to work closely with the coordination of the brain and devices to bring your imagination to the surface.

Q: Do you idolize a particular artist?

Ans: It is difficult to give special credit to a specific artist, but Leonardo Da Vinci and Picasso are my favourite painters and in India, there are Raja Ravi Varma and Rabindranath Tagore. Every artist has his own identity and speciality which inspires a lot.

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