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After the Election Commission’s move, the Opposition changed the strategy, using 50 percent VVPAT

During the day long Ghammagami in the Election Commission, the representatives of 23 opposition parties, including the Congress, met the Chief Election Commission on Monday and asked ECM to make the elections more secure from the EVM. The opposition said that elections from EVM will be fair when only greater transparency will be taken.

Earlier, the opposition demanding elections from the ballot has made a formula for making the elections safer than the EVM while changing the strategy. Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad said, “We wanted to be from election ballot. It is not possible that we have given a memorandum demanding that 50% VVPAT should be used in the election, where the victory margin of victory is 5% or less There must be inspection of VVPAT paper trails on it, then the results should be declared.
D Raja said the electronic voting machine EVM is supposed to solve the issue of alleged molestation. It is necessary that before the announcement of the results in the coming general elections, 50 percent of EVMs should be matched with the paper audit trails (VVPAT).

Opposition leaders told the Chief Election Commissioner that the common masses of the country are still expressing doubts about the fairness and accurate results of EVMs. Therefore, the Election Commission needs to redress this issue. Earlier, the leaders of the opposition parties made an initial discussion to decide the strategy on this issue after meeting in Parliament.

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