Centre will soon implement legislation to regulate digital media: Anurag Thakur

New Delhi: According to Union Minister Thakur, digital media has revolutionized news transmission.

He stated that the Centre would soon introduce a new law to replace the Press and Registration of Books Act of 1867.

The I&B minister also urged the media to act “responsibly.” Anurag Thakur, Union Information and Broadcasting (I&B) Minister stated that the government is drafting legislation to regulate digital media.

He claimed at an event on Wednesday (November 23) that while news transmission was once one-way, it has now evolved to include multiple dimensions due to the growth of electronic and digital media.

Thakur said that digital media now allows even minor news from a village to reach a national audience. He claims that the government has left the majority of print, electronic, and digital media to self-regulation.

“Digital media presents both opportunities and challenges. To achieve a delicate balance, the government will investigate what can be done. I would say that changes must be made to the law, and we will do so in order to make your job easier. We are working on introducing legislation “Thakur continued.

The I&B minister also confirmed that the central government would soon introduce a new law to replace the 1867 Press and Registration of Books Act,According to the new law, the registration process, which currently takes about four months, can be completed in a week if done online.

Thakur also stated that newspapers should bring the “right news” to the public at the “right time.” He said that, in addition to the government’s shortcomings, public welfare schemes and policies should reach the general public. He also urged the media to do its job “responsibly” and to avoid instilling “fear and confusion.”

Meanwhile, at the event, the minister assured journalists that the Centre is looking out for their best interests and stated that financial assistance had been provided to the families of COVID-19 victims.

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