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When your personal & professional life goes for a TOSS with Wrong Hyderabad Police Traffic Challans!!

By, Satya Pamula

Little did you realise that you need hard to convince your family members on a fine morning .. who the new friend you are driving with on city roads on a working day !! Besides spoiling my morning filter coffee experience the wrong challan sent to me by Over Enthusiastic Hyderabad Traffic cops created a storm in my coffee cup at home!!

Traffic cops want me to pay a challan for someone who’s riding a similar bike like mine without a helmet. The picture shared by them on my bike traffic violation looks like a happy Muslim couple enjoying a ride while I am a devotee Hindu !! Though I have many Muslim friends everyone has a car and never cares and asks for my bike!!

So this morning I have a lot of convincing to do!! First at home to clear the false ride with a lady and with the traffic police department requesting to show a clearer picture of the defaulted bike!! Between my morning office work went for a toss and had an earful from my clients!!

I am taking everything in my stRIDE as anything is possible in our Hyderabad !!

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