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IAF is on high alert in the northeast following the activities of Chinese drones

New Delhi : The Indian Air Force has been alerted to the increasing activities of Chinese drones along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the North-East. Chinese drones have attempted to fly into Indian territory several times this week.

According to a senior IAF official, Chinese drone activity along the LAC in the North-East is being closely monitored. Fighter jets have also had to take off on numerous occasions because any drone or aircraft cannot be allowed to violate the airspace. The Air Force has been directed to take whatever action is necessary to prevent any violations from the Chinese side.

According to the Defence Ministry, India dispatched fighter jets from Tezpur in Assam to prevent Chinese drones from infiltrating the Indian border states of Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim. Fighter jets scramble means that they are ready for attack or conflict damage in a matter of minutes.

In general, the situation at LAC is peaceful, but India’s fighter jets have had to fly on several occasions recently.Earlier this year, China violated Indian airspace in the Ladakh sector, prompting both sides to agree on a series of measures to prevent any further air escalation.

The Indian side raised this issue strongly during the most recent Commander-level military talks. The meeting decided that both sides’ fighter aircraft would stay well behind the LAC in their respective areas.

Given the Northeast’s strategic and tactical importance, the IAF maintains a strong presence in the region, including Tezpur and Chhabra in Assam.

The IAF has also improved its surveillance capabilities by installing several new radars in high-altitude areas of Ladakh. Rafale fighter jets have also been stationed near Hashimara, West Bengal. The Indian Air Force has recently strengthened its air defense coverage in the Assam sector with S-400 missile defense systems.

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