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Amit Shah will hold rally in Udhampur and Sunderbani today

Bharatiya Janata Party President Amit Shah will present two rallies in support of party candidates Dr. Jitendra Singh and Jugal Kishore. These rallies will be in the cold water of Sunderbani in Rajori district and Subhash Stadium of Udhampur.

Preparations for the rally at Subhash Stadium in Udhampur continued on Tuesday. On Tuesday evening, around 6:30 pm the police took the entire stadium. Amit Shah is likely to arrive at around 1.25 in the afternoon. Tents and flags were used for the rally till the night.
The BJP started preparations for the rally on Monday night itself. On Monday night, the rally’s luggage began to reach the Subhash Stadium. At the same time on Wednesday, BJP leaders and workers also reached Subhash Stadium and started preparations. On one hand, work was being done for tents, stage development, on the other hand BJP leaders and workers were organizing party flags and at the stadium.

Till Tuesday evening, the whole ground was full of BJP flags. Apart from this, the houses surrounding the stadium were also filled with flags. Wherever the stadium was being seen, BJP flags were seen. The stage was not completed till the evening. Some SOG jawans reached the noonday to protect the stadium.

At about six in the evening, the police team took over the security of the entire stadium. The police refused to let anyone go inside the stadium. While preparations were on one side, the other players were practicing their game. During the preparations of the rally, at the time of the evening, the administration and the city council team also reached the spot and took stock of the preparations.

The road entering the stadium was completely bad, so the JCB was called on the spot and the road was prepared by filling the soil. BJP leaders said that the preparations for the rally will continue on Wednesday. Amit Shah is likely to arrive at around 1.25 pm on Wednesday, and all preparations will be completed before reaching him.

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